Friday, September 30, 2005

In the Silver Spoke Cafe at the Iron Horse Stable. Deb, KT, Snake, Brillo, Skid, Sandy, and Coyote. They were preparing to fill up so they won't be pigs at the Classy Crescent Hotel tonight! I just had tea, so will eat their share:-)
This is Beaver Lake Dam. In 1983, I was on a BMW motorcycle trip with my daughter Angie. We camped here. A year later, I attended a Harley Rally here and brought home a 1st place trophy from the bike show. The lake is about 10 miles from Eureka Springs. We lived iin Mustang, OK at the time.
This lady entertained before and after the raffle. Most of her material was a little on the old side, I really enjoyed her singing. Most of the younger folks didn't like it too much. I thought she did a fine job.
Sandy, Karen, Skid and Wiliedog. We're watching Thomas, and when he starts heading for the food line, we know it's time to follow him! He seems to have a 6th sense of when they are ready to serve!
Blondie and Chuck Bert. Getting ready for the Bar B Que. Chuck has been to the rally in Lake Lure, NC as well as the one in Kanab UT this year. Some others too. He has put over 40K miles on his Nomad in the last 15 months!
Dino and Monkez. A couple of great guys! Dino posts some very good inspirational messages every Sunday monring.
Bucky, Coyote and Karen. Don't know what the "girl talk" is, guess I'll have to ask Coyote!
Don "Bassman" and his SO. They are from Oklahoma, but own some land here near Barryville, so are working on being Ozark "Locals".
KT and Snake. Wow, what a difference some hair makes!
Wiliedog visiting with Fergie and others just before the Bar B Que on Thursday evening.
Chunk and CB, relaxing on the deck of the Iron Horse.
Ray Pruitt. He's sewing on my new Wolfman Memorial patch. Ray has this little leather shop at the Iron Horse Stables. Not only does do a great job of sewing at a reasonable price, he manufactures several kinds of leather goods.
Bucky is a very low number VROC Lady! She lives in Colorada Springs, and is a "hard rider". She has attended many VROC events over the years.
Piper with "Lucy". She's a real Sweetie!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Piper and Mary just arrived this afternoon. They are the "Goodie" people for VROC. They provide the raly T-Shirts and all the available pins and patches that everyone likes. They also sell othere VROC clothes, as well as carrying a line of custom seats. They will open at 5 today, and stay open until after 10 every night now for the rest of the rally. Saturday morning Piper will be playing Amazing Grace on his Bagpipes during our annual Memorial Service for VROC member that have passed away this last year. It's very touching service, usually in the misty morning here in the Ozarks, and the bagpipes make it special. Time now to go take some pictures of the Bar b Que this evening and of the new arrivals!
This is my camping site at the Iron Horse Stables. It's not the most scenic of the available places, but it's level (a big plus here), it's CLOSE to the restroom and shower, it's a long way from the noise of the highway and the campfire crowd, and I'm used to being here, since this is the 4th year I've used this place to camp.
One of the many statues at the Church below the Crescent Hotel. This is in the bell tower. The church is on record as being the only church in the world that you enter throught the bell tower. The archetech built it this was in honor of his mother. We decided this was Karen's saint, She's Saint Elizabeth of hungry. Well, maybe it was "of Hungary", but that's close enough.
The pool at the Crescent Hotel, looking down from the 4th floor balcony. There is a sitting place up there, as well as a lounge and snack bar. We just went up to enjoy the nice weather. The humidity dropped amazingly over night after the storm.
This is one of the sitting areas in the Crescent Hotel lobby. We just found out this is a WiFi Hotspot. What am I doing sitting here at the Alpendorf when I could be there! For one thing, it's beautiful weather today, I'm in a lawn swing, and it's about 5 miles closer to where we're camped....
This is Kelly, a couple of ROK guys, Sandy, Skid, and Eagle. They are plotting out the banquet that will be held here on Friday evening. The lady in pink is the events coordinator for the hotel.
Thursday morning at the Crescent Hotel's Crystal dining room. Our nicest breadfast of the whole trip, and the food wasn't bad either!
Phil Jackson, owner of the complex here. He's out checking for damage after the storm. It wasn't a real bad one, but for us western folks, it seem pretty intense!
Roadkill checking his tent for water and damage. He came out all right with just a little leak. and a branch that blew down on the tent.
Strider had just set up his tent before the storm, but didn't get a chance to stake it down. He jumped inside and held on until the wiind and rain let up.
The storm just passed, now deciding how to get Kokopelli back on the street with 3 bikes behind me. Ended up backing up some, and riding down the hill to my camp.
A little Thunder shower at the Iron Horse Stables. We were able to slide under the porch in front of Skid and Sandy's room, but the bikes still got wet. It poured hard and there was some pretty strong wind gusts. The first wave of the storm passed in 10-15 minutes. It sure changed the weather.
Preston and Karen's site at the Iron Horse Stable. I've learned to give up the atmosphere for less highway noise, less campfire crowd noise and less hill to go down to the restroom and shower! So, I camp right in front of them on a level spot.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This "lump" is Skid. His little computer doesn't have a very bright screen, so he's playing "tent" so he can read his mail! We're at the Albendorf, waiting for it to rain, and it's just now starting, so this will be the last picture for awhile.
Janie Jackson (in the white T-Shirt) with employees Megan and Mary. Janie is the "Boss Lady" of the Iron Horse Stables.
JT Pendleton. Her husband Rick left her at the Iron Horse while he went riding. With the immenant storm approaching, she made a good decision to stay under cover!
Kelly Cobb, Kelly is the organizer of the whole rally here this year, she lives in Florida. It a big job, and she's handling the stress like the professional she is!
Don "Bassman" keeping up with some records in the registration area.
Six Pack Jack just came in from Georgia, after riding over 1500 miles in 24 hours. Jack is a hard riding Doctor.
The Thorncrown Chapel. This is a beautiful place in the forest. We went in to sit and meditate for awhile.
We're at the Blue Spring area in Western Arkansas. This was a camping spot on the Trail of Tears. Water comes out of the ground at the rate of 38 Million gallons a day. It forms the Blue Lagune, then the White River.
This is on the battle ground of the battle of Pea Ridge. A very importand battle of the Civil War.
Karen, Skid,Sandy and Preston. This is a 12 pound cannon that was used here in the battle of Pea Ridge. 16,000 Union soldiers, 10,000 Confederate. We learned a lot about the battle that took place right here.
This is a very old tavern, but is now a gift shop and little grocery store.
We stopped here for cold water and Ice. It was very hot out, and high humidity.
This is a one lane bridge across the White River. This is part of Beaver Lake State Park.
Phil and Janie Jackson's Iron Horse Stables sign. This is a very popular place for traveling motorcycle riders.
Karen and Harley. Karen is checking the local attraction guide, planning our day. Harley sort of runs the Iron Horse Stables.
Skid working on his cute little notebook. He's composing his blog.
Lynn, Sandy, Gunslinger and Skid. Gunslinger just arrived, that's his bike with the load on it.
Lucky Al, Kelly, and Eagle. Wednesday morning, getting the registration table set up. This is the deck on the Iron Horse Stable.
Tis is the front on the Alpendorf. For 3 years this was a popular place for VROC after the Iron Horse Stable was full. With the many rooms available, people are moving around.
Old memories for some of you. The campfire circle at the Alpendorf. This is where I'm sitting right now, using Lucky's wireless connection.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A slightly sun and windburned Skid. They had a good trip down from Canada, but rode in a lot of rain most all the way. Except for dodging a deer around noon, the trip was a breeze on Quick Silver! The Iron Horse doesn't have high speed internet, so we'll have to take advantage of Lucky's router here at the Alpendorf, a couple miles away. There is a 70% chance of Thunderstorms tomorrow, the it's suppose to cool way down and be nice for the rest of the week and weekend. It's already a lot cooler than it has been for our whole trip. I'm not looking forward to winter, I'll take the heat any time! Time now to think about what we're going to have for dinner...................................
Preston dedided to change his oil. He had 3800+ on it. I'm running Amsoil, it still looks good and the level is exactly where it was when we left, so I'll change it when I get home.
Karen, Sandy and Skid. This is in front of Skid's room at the Iron Horse. We are just starting to get into the serious visiting mode. Several people have drifted in this afternoon, we expect a pretty good crowd of "early arrivers" by tomorrow.